Nonprofit Centres Network Canada (NCN Canada)



The Nonprofit Centres Network (NCN) Canada is a program created by Tides Canada and The Nonprofit Centers Network. NCN Canada was created to address the needs of Canadian nonprofits working in shared spaces and social purpose real estate projects. NCN Canada explores how to further the potential of these projects using shared governance and administration platforms.

Between 2016 and 2017, KRD Consulting Group assisted NCN Canada in furthering the Social-Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) movement by serving as a programmatic consultant. KRD designed research-based activities that drove engagement, and engagement-based activities that drove learnings. We provided a combination of in-person and electronic convening tools that supported building a ‘glue’ between participants. In addition to assisting with a stronger network, we also created positive individual organizational outcomes by resourcing participants’ own evaluation and strategic capacity. This allowed for the creation of new pathways for growth, collective learning, and engagement in both the SPRE movement as well as the NCN Canada supported work. Furthermore, we created and executed a fundraising strategy and generated multiple revenue stream models for NCN Canada’s future use.

In 2017, KRD also implemented a multi-phase approach to installing and configuring a standalone CiviCRM/Drupal web framework to manage NCN Canada’s membership, mailing list, event promotion and registration, fundraising moves and consulting moves.