Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC)


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Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) is a not-for-profit organization that works to efficiently and effectively connect internationally trained professionals with strategies designed to lead to successful employment outcomes. CRIEC’s strategies are delivered in an integrated partnership with Bow Valley College, and have an explicit focus on mentorship, networking, and capacity-building via highly individualized and relational supports. The organization works on a deeply networked model, with partnerships in both the public and private sectors within Calgary.

In 2018, CRIEC began a two-year developmental evaluation to clarify its impact and inform ongoing adaptive strategy and program design. Over the first year of the evaluation, KRD Consulting Group served as an evaluation coach to augment internal capacity for evaluation, support a pilot evaluation project, and develop an evaluation framework for future use. The evaluation project involved utilizing the Outcome Harvesting methodology to surface impact and integrate learnings across multiple strategic domains.

This project remains ongoing.