Calgary Reads (CR)


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Calgary Reads (CR) has championed and supported a reading movement across the city for over 20 years. They collaborate with schools, educators, and community partners to provide programs, events and resources that nurture a love of reading. Their programs include community initiatives, school programs, and collective impact work. CR’s multifaceted approach serves to propel their vision of a thriving community where all children can read with confidence and joy.  

In 2017, Calgary Reads launched a new initiative, Children’s Reading Place, which utilized a place-based approach to engage families and children in accessing a space to model and build lifelong reading habits. KRD supported and coached CR in implementing a Developmental Evaluation approach using Outcome Mapping, which supplemented their existing evaluation framework and integrated previous learnings. The “Evaluation Coaching” approach meant that in addition to a complete cycle of developmental evaluation for the Children’s Reading Place project, CR also developed internal capacity to perform future iterations and other learning evaluations.