Soul of the New Economy

June 14, 2018

Soul of the New Economy

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The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is a one-day Social Innovation conference in Calgary, AB where businesses, non-profits, government & educational institutions collaborate to address local & global development challenges. 

KRD is a proud supporter of the Forum, as we really believe in the collaborative approach it takes, and its unique track record of attracting a truly cross-sector audience to the conversation. I've been to many events like this, and there is usually a smattering of public sector folks amid either a predominantly non-profit or predominantly private sector crowd. In 2015, attending the inaugural Soul of the Next Economy, I was thrilled to see nearly even parts of the room raise their hands for each of the sectors during the traditional roll-call. Ever since then, we've known that the Forum is a really special undertaking. 

This year, we were honoured to support the work with our very own Zulfira Pulotova's participation in the Planning Committee. Zulfira contributed many hours to help shape the 2018 Forum into what looks like an exciting lineup. As well, Roman Katsnelson will be one of the presenters, sharing some recent learnings about the potential and impact of Evaluative Thinking - remembering to ask the what, so what and now what questions about the work that matters. 

The 2018 Soul of the Next Economy Forum is going to be held at Ambrose University as always. Registrations are available here. Let us know if you're coming and we hope to see you there!