ABCD: A Better Community Database

June 26, 2018

ABCD: A Better Community Database

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About six years ago, we noticed a gap in the NPO sector - the lack of a non-profit database system that was simple enough for people to want to use, and flexible enough to be relevant to a wide range of missions. Working with the support of a number of community development organizations, we created ABCD - a data management software that really took a new approach to information use.

ABCD is unique in integrating the daily tasks of program management with ongoing evaluation tools. Such an integration allows non-profits to not only add a critical piece of infrastructure, but also increase their internal learning capacity. We think of ABCD as a support platform for learning organizations. ABCD is simple to use - so you want to spend time in it. It's smart and adaptable - so it grows alongside you. Our hope is that through these functionalities, an organizational culture of collaborative learning can be established and enhanced. We've built-in easy survey creation and Smart Report tools, so users can measure what they want, when they want -  in real time. You can quickly see the impact of your efforts, and test hypotheses about what contributes to that change. ABCD's Smart Reports allow users to create custom reports with the metrics valuable to them. And, as part of the open-source community, ABCD is entirely free. There will never be any license or per-user fees. The software is smart, intuitive, and simple. If you need powerful program management and database software for your non-profit, try ABCD!